Most dates approximate at best

3600-2450 BC Occupation of settlement at Skara Brae, Orkney.
3100-2686 Early dynastic period in Egypt.
3000-1400 Minoan civilization in Crete.
2500 Great pyramid and sphinx built in Egypt.
2000 Stonehenge in Britain, first phase.
1400-1200 Mycenaean civilization in Greece.
1250 Israelite settlements in Canaan.
1220 Destruction of Troy.
1152 Traditional date of founding of Alba Longa.
1150-1050 Period of the judges in Israel.
1000-750 Phoenician expansion overseas.
1000 Latins settle in Latium.
965-925 Solomon, king of Israel.
814 Traditional date of founding of Carthage.
776 First Olympic Games.
775 Euboean Greeks establish a trading post in Bay of Naples.
753 Traditional date of founding of Rome.
753-510 Period of the kings in Rome.
750 Greek alphabet, based on a Phoenician version of the Canaanite alphabet, begins to be used.
650 Etruscans occupy Latium.
616-578 Tarquinius Priscus.
578-534 Servius Tullius. Temple of Diana on Aventine hill.
568-488 Life of Buddha.
551-479 Life of Confucius.
534-510 Tarquinius Superbus.
524 Defeat of Etruscans at Cumae.
510 Ejection of kings.
505 Final defeat of Etruscans.