157 BC Born near Arpinum.
133 Serves with distinction at the final capitulation of Numantia, in Spain.
128 Probable service in Asia as elected military tribune.
c.123 Quaestor.
119 Tribune of the people. Attacks the consul, Lucius Caecilius Metellus, a member of the family whose protegé he was, for opposing his bill to lessen the opportunities of intimidation at voting in the comitia tributa.
115 Elected praetor. Acquitted on a technicality of cheating at the polls.
114 Governor of Further Spain.
c.112 Marries Julia, aunt of Julius Caesar.
109 Chosen as senior legate by Metellus Numidicus to fight against Jugurtha.
108 Elected consul.
107 Begins to reorganize recruitment to the army. Voted by comitia tributa to take over Metellus’s command.
106 End of wars against Jugurtha.
104 Second consulship.
103 Third consulship. Saturninus is tribune of the people.
102 Fourth consulship. Teutones destroyed.
101 Fifth consulship. Cimbri crushed.
100 Sixth consulship. Saturninus again tribune, but his violent tactics lead to his death.
99 Marius leaves for the east, where at a meeting with Mithridates VI, king of Pontus, he advises the king either to become stronger than Rome, or submit to Rome’s authority.
c.97 Returns to Rome and builds himself a house near the forum.
91-88 Social War between Rome and Italian allies.
88 First consulship of Sulla, to whom is assigned the command against Mithridates. Sulpicius Rufus, tribune of the people, passes a law transferring the command to Marius. He is killed, and Marius and his adopted son take flight.
87 First consulship of Cinna, who is driven out by his consular colleague, but returns and with Marius captures Rome. Massacres in Rome.
86 Seventh consulship of Marius and second of Cinna. Death of Marius 13 January.