c.63 BC Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa born of an obscure but moderately well-off family.
44 Is studying with Gaius Octavius in Appollonia when Caesar is assassinated, and accompanies him back to Rome.
43 Is tribune of the people.
41/40 Commands troops of Gaius Octavius (Octavian) against Lucius Antonius, Antony’s brother and consul 41, who went to his final defeat at Perusia.
40 Is urban praetor.
38 As governor of Gaul, puts down a rebellion in Aquitania and leads an expedition across the Rhine, on whose west bank he settles the Ubii. Agrippa refuses a triumph for his achievements (the first of several occasions).
37 Is consul, with Octavian. Builds a fleet and constructs the Portus Julius, formerly the inland Lake Avernus, as a naval base. Marries Caecilia Attica (b. 51), with whom he has Vipsania Marcella, first wife of Tiberius.
36 Crushes Sextus Pompeius in two naval engagements off Sicily, for which Octavian awards him a blue ensign.
35/34 Commands troops in Octavian’s Illyrian campaigns.
33 As aedile, his building programmes, including the Julian aqueduct, contribute to the well being of the populace.
31 Commands Octavian’s fleet at Actium.
31-29 With Maecenas, looks after affairs in Italy during Octavian’s absences abroad.
28 Second consulship of Agrippa with Octavian. They hold a census (the first since 70 BC) and conduct a rigorous weeding out of the senate. Marries Marcella, Octavian’s niece; their daughter Vipsania Marcella became the first wife of P. Quinctilius Varus, who was to lose Augustus’s legions in AD 9.
27 Third consulship of Agrippa with Octavian.
26 Agrippa completes the Saepta Julia, the voting complex originally conceived by Caesar.
25 Agrippa’s Pantheon completed.
23 Augustus is ill. Agrippa is acknowledged as his official deputy and given an eastern command, which he exercises from Mytilene, where he is visited by Herod the Great.
21 Agrippa is recalled, and placed in charge of affairs in Rome while Augustus is in Greece and Samos. He is also forced to divorce Marcella and marry Augustus’s daughter Julia, with whom he is to have three sons and two daughters (see genealogical chart of emperors from Augustus to Nero).
20 Agrippa is in Gaul.
19 Agrippa is in Spain, where he defeats the Cantabri in the north-west.
18 Granted tribunician powers for five years (renewed in 13). His official imperium is confirmed.
17 As quindecimvir sacris faciundis plays an official part in organization of Saecular Games.
16-13 Agrippa, in the east, helps to settle king Polemon of Pontus in the kingdom of the Bosporus, confers privileges on the Jews, and visits Jerusalem, where Herod shows off his lavish building programmes. (Herod’s grandson, Herod Agrippa, king of Judaea, was named after Agrippa).
12 Agrippa campaigns in Pannonia. He becomes ill, returns to Italy, and dies at his estate in Campania (March). He leaves his fortune to Augustus, his buildings to the city of Rome, and funds for free entry to the public baths.