Hexameters in English

In “The Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich” by Arthur Hugh Clough (AD 1819-61), the Highland country girl Elspie complains to Philip, an Oxford undergraduate who admires her:

“As we went home, you kissed me || for saying your name. It was dreadful.
I have been kissed before, || she added, blushing slightly,
I have been kissed more than once || by Donald my cousin and others;
It is the way of the lads, || and I make up my mind not to mind it.”

Cleopatra’s famous encounter with Julius Caesar is described in Pharsalia by Lucan (AD 39-65), written in Latin hexameters. This extract is translated into English hexameters:

Vain would have been her address || to the obdurate ears of a jury.
Judged on her looks, not her case, || with come-hither eyes as her counsel,
Passionately she appealed, || and a passionate night was the outcome.