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At the end of most sections, you'll be able to take a brief quiz to help you remember the information you've seen. Some are a bit tougher (eg Julius Caesar and Literature). The link to the appropriate quiz appears on the right in a blue/grey box:


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If the cursor acquires a question mark at any time as you mouse over pictures or text, click and you will be taken to a relevant note in the right hand column.

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There is a black box on every page marked TIMELINES. This will take you to a comprehensive and intricate selection of timelines, including not only historical events, but special timelines following the careers of political and literary figures.


The pictures & maps

There are about 400 pictures on the site - all the pictures for a particular chapter can be looked at together if you visit the GALLERY page. Quite often the pictures here will be larger than on the main site. Maps can also be accessed directly from the MAPS page. There's also a map of Italy which can be brought up at any time from the link in the right hand column or at the foot of the page. Most of the maps (and some pictures) can be enlarged - when this is possible a magnifying glass appears when you move the mouse over them.



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