The purpose of this book (The Persians) and others in the series is to introduce 13 -14 year old learners to the ancient world.

Our assumptions are:

"Classical civilisations" should include more than Greece and Rome (eg Persia, Egypt, the Middle East).

The reason for studying the ancient world should be to illuminate and help explain the modern world.

Study should be based on original source material ? stories and artefacts. Illustrations will invite response and discussion.

Focus should be on ideas and issues rather than facts, presented in a way that is relevant and important to the experience of learners at KS3 (the book should not be an account of daily life in classical times).

Frequent opportunities should be provided for learners to react to the material ? through personal response, discussion, activities.

A comprehensive teachers' guide should make the book usable by non-specialist teachers.

Support for teachers should be available through a dedicated web site.

All written source material should be freshly translated using appropriate language.

The course should not seek to be non-controversial. Learners should become aware that Classical Studies is a lively subject sometimes exciting passionate views! (Though the teachers' guide will point out where ideas are currently in dispute)