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To coincide with the publication of the second edition of Antony Kamm's bestselling book, The Romans: an introduction, this accompanying web site also had a makeover.

There are new maps of Italy and the empire, additional illustrations, and fresh material on Roman society, religion and traditional values and customs, as well as character sketches of Lucretia, Livia, and Agrippina the Younger. Visit the site map for further details.

The site surveys the history, life, and culture of Rome from its foundation to the end of the Roman empire in the east. It is illustrated with over 400 photographs from numerous sources, with authentic drawings of the famous, and infamous, people who governed the republic or ruled the empire; religion; society and daily life; literature; art, architecture and technology; and the army. There are sections on state officials and assemblies, the role of women, slavery, education, food, dress, entertainment, the Roman calendar and numerals, and the legacy of Rome.

Additional features include page overviews, parallel notes supplementing the information given in the text; extended captions to illustrations; period, subject, and individual timelines covering the whole of Roman history, and regular interactive quizzes.

Amazing Grades 5-star rating.

An outstanding free online resource. Latinteach

A new and extensive introduction to all things Roman ... The timelines are clear and colour-coded. Navigation is easy, and the pages are clearly set out and well illustrated. They are long, but an overview of each page is given in a panel at the top right, and a 'Believe it or not' box at the bottom right of each page reveals interesting oddities. Bob Bass, ICT and AVA editor, Journal of Classics Teaching.

A treasure trove of interesting and useful things.

Oxford University Classics Outreach

Impressive and extremely well done.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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