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Robert Leacroft, who also gave technical assistance, and Joanna Glaister, for permission to reproduce illustrations from books by Helen and Richard Leacroft;

Jennifer Campbell, for permission to reproduce her illustrations for Scotland in Roman Times, and the portrait heads from Antony Kamm, Julius Caesar: a life (Routledge 2006);

Marc Pittaway and family, for drawings by John Pittaway;

Dr Donal Bateman, and the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, for permission to reproduce coin photographs from the Hunterian coin collection;

Richard Sebring, for digital reconstructions;

Richard Dunlop and Dr Richard Kamm for technical advice, and John Summerscales for technical assistance.

Other online classical web sites which have proved extremely useful are:
  • Forum Romanum, which includes an index of online Latin texts and translations
  • LacusCurtius: into the Roman World
  • Roman Consuls
  • De Imperatoribus Romanis: an online encyclopaedia of Roman rulers and their families
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