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translated by Andrew Wilson

1st and 2nd December 2017 at 7.30 pm

St. Andrew's and St George's West, George Street, Edinburgh

Tickets £11 (concession £9, schoolchild £5)

Available from: Usher Hall Box Office (0131 228 1155; or online under "other venues")

and Athens of the North, 15 Marchmont St, Edinburgh EH9 1EL (0131 228 2304)


Electra Susan McNaught
Autourgos Michael Scott
Orestes Colin Povey
Old Man Mark Adams
Clytemnestra Alison Carcas
Pylades/Messenger Robert Seaton
Castor Gavin Powell

Cor anglais Iain Thompson

Music by Inga Mantle

Director Steve Dollan


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Poster for Electra 2017

Revenge - is it a religious duty? a family obligation? Or just a crime? Euripides' Electra explores our ancient yet essentially human desire for revenge. Orestes and Electra have lost their father, king Agamemnon - hero of the Greek war against Troy. He survived the war, and the dangerous voyage home, only to be brutally murdered by his wife and her lover, who is now the king. Electra has been banished from the palace and humiliated, and the whereabouts of Orestes - who was smuggled away as a baby to save his life - is unknown. Will he return home - and will the young people have the nerve to go through with their planned revenge - even if it means killing their mother?

Athens of the North

As no suitable amateur company existed here in Edinburgh we decided in 2013 to form our own: Athens of the North. Our inaugural production was Euripides 'Helen', produced in Edinburgh in November 2013. This was followed up by Iphigeneia in Tauris in 2015. Audiences were enthusiastic and reviews were encouraging.


Reviews and Pictures of previous productions

2013 Euripides' Helen

2015 Euripides' Iphigeneia in Tauris

You can find out more about Athens of the North and the production of Electra from Inga Mantle.