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Our second production, of Iphigeneia inTauris ("Iphigeneia in the Black Sea") by Euripides was performed on Friday and Saturday 27th and 28th November 2015 at St Andrew's and St George's West, George Street, Edinburgh.

Slideshow of photos of the performance

Susan McNaught as Iphigeneia
Susan McNaught as Iphigeneia


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Iphigeneia in Tauris

IphigeneiaThe lands around the Black Sea were the setting for many of the strangest and most mysterious Greek myths - there Prometheus was nailed to a cliff, to punish him for daring to save the race of men from the gods' caprice; there Medea helped Jason steal the golden fleece by giving a magical drug to the dragon that guarded it. And there poor Iphigeneia ended up - rescued from a dreadful death (sacrifice at the altar by her own father, Agamemnon). But, as you will discover, that was only the beginning of her story. The Taurians of the Crimea, whose priestess she now had to become, were murderous savages. Any stranger unlucky enough to end up on their shores was handed over to the priestess - the girl saved from sacrifice became the sacrificer. Then one day two young Greeks arrive...who could they be? What will become of them?

The letter and the key that Iphigeneia is holding in the drawing above will prove to be vital clues!

Athens of the North

As no suitable amateur company existed here in Edinburgh we decided in 2013 to form our own: Athens of the North. Our inaugural production was Euripides 'Helen', produced in Edinburgh in November 2013. Audiences were enthusiastic and reviews were encouraging.

The translation was again by Andrew Wilson.

The Cast

Iphigeneia Susan McNaught
Orestes Colin Povey
Herdsman Alison Carcas
Pylades Robert Seaton
Thoas Mark Adams
Attendant Michael Scott
Athena Anna Hainsworth
Chorus Leader Anna Hainsworth/Alison Carcas
Cor Anglais Iain Thompson